Jet Settin’ Momma – Preggo Travel Tips


Today, I’m 11 weeks. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about today. Maybe it’s because I’m in the final countdown for the first trimester or maybe it’s because I am anxiously counting down the days until we hear back from the doctor re: the NIPT test I retook on Monday. (14 days feel like torture!!!) Regardless, it’s a good day. Baby P is the size of a lime and with every day that passes I can feel him getting bigger both in my body and in my heart. I feel like the emotional connection has continued to get stronger with each passing day, something unexplainable but I feel grateful for it: It’s a totally different dimension of life and something that I feel very lucky to experience and connect with other women on. (Have I mentioned that I LOVE being a girl?)

Last week I had a work trip to New Jersey for a digital production, essentially – this means 6 long days of jet-setting from San Diego to Paterson, New Jersey, to New York for a day, back to Paterson and freezing my arse off in 30-degree weather in a broken down warehouse. Truth be told, I was a little nervous about this trip because my client was going to be there. How would I fake drink around her? How would I hide my it-might-still-be-gas growing baby bump? How would I make it through each 12-15 hour day without falling asleep, feeling nauseous or wanting to eat my arm off?

Well, I managed to pull it off although I’ll be the first to admit that it wasn’t easy nor did I manage to do it as flawlessly as I had hoped. (Did you know that there are FIVE “Smith” restaurants in New York? So much for trying to secretly tell the waiter to hook up ‘mock’ vodka soda’s all night at a client dinner…)

Anyhow, here’s a list of what I learned, how I did it, and how I managed not to lose my mind.

  1. Stock up on Protein Superfood bars from Whole Foods. I brought 6 of them with me and gnawed on them whenever I was hungry or felt like I wasn’t getting enough nutrition. They are jam packed with nutrients and while they taste a little gritty (mmm… nature) they come covered in chocolate so the brief dose of sweets makes it manageable.
  2. Splurge on yourself and make sure you eat a healthy breakfast. Each morning I ordered room service. (Gotta love those Paterson NJ prices!) Oatmeal and OJ were my very best friends and it helped me get through my morning with a happy warm tummy to last me through what would ultimately follow as the longest hours ever before lunch time served at 3.
  3. DON’T try to order a vodka soda (while mouthing no vodka) and your clients drink with the loudest bartender in the restaurant. Thank goodness it was in New York, and I’m still hoping the client wasn’t paying attention, but BOY was he obvious. “Ohhhhh….. I GET IT,” he’d say. “Vodka sooooooda.” followed by an incredibly obvious and obnoxious wink. My favorite was the part that followed when he gave me the check and our two drinks and said, “by the way, you’re ‘vodka soooooda’ are on me. You come back anytime.” Good LORD I had to hold my head in shame.
  4. Sleep sleeep sleep sleep sleep. Repeat.
  5. Don’t fall asleep with the hotel heater on. You cannot trust a hotel in the middle of nowhere with a dingy heater that makes noise and leaves your throat feeling scratchy the next day. No good for momma or lil bebe.
  6. The moment you get home. Sleep. That’s what I did anyway, and to be totally honest, I still feel like my body is recovering. Airplanes will dry you out and it takes a while to recalibrate. Which brings me to my next point….
  7. HYDRATE. Moisturize, bring oils. Stock up on bottles of water. Do whatever you have to keep your body hydrated. Between the massive shift in weather, questionable heater in the hotel emenating from the pool which was located in the courtyard 2 open levels below me (weird, I know), your body is going to need intense rehydration. I’m still making up for it 5 days later.
  8. Lastly, enjoy it. Trust yourself and your body. Our bodies are amazing things. When I needed to stay energized, my body naturally responded and I was able to pull it off. Sure, the moment I got back into my room I was destroyed and just wanted to crash, but know that your intuition is everything and you have this handled.

That’s all I have today, I’ll be posting some pictures and some updates soon. Hopefully they are all good, so saying prayers and thinking positively about everything. In my (very) vivid dreams lately, I feel like the baby is telling me everything is OK, but I can’t help but feel a little nervous. But I imagine that is totally normal.




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