Hello, Maternity Leave!

It’s my first day of maternity leave, and wow – let me tell you, does it feel GREAT. Outside of the few butterflies I’ve felt since last night and the mild shifts towards anxiety in not working or feeling like I should be doing “something else” right now, I’m trying to take in each moment and really enjoy it for what it is.

The friends of mine who have already had babies have talked about how fast time flies. This, more than anything else (labor, breastfeeding, crazy and hormonal mood swings) probably freaks me out the most. How do you avoid time going to by so quickly? Already, I’ve noticed that my pregnancy – despite the incredibly long lulls in between – has quickly come and is now going… I read an article recently in Huff Post on how you can play mental tricks on yourself to slow down time. The premise that this neuroscientist dude, David Eaglemen, cites in the article is, the more detailed the memory, the longer the moment seems to last. My lesson here? Get off my phone. Take notice of the small things, the scents, the sounds, the vivid colors around. Make it feel different so it feels like a world outside of one that is mundane and simple. The monotony and methodical routines that are so easy to fall into can strip away the ‘newness’ feeling that we may get with each new moment or experience we create.

Increasing mindfulness is going to be my goal these next few weeks before the baby comes. I’m probably going to write (read: bore) this blog with more information on it, but as I prep for my first time mom-hood as well as my feeble attempt at hypnobirthing, I’m certainly aware that every thought, every moment, every second adds up to something bigger. This life we live. This life that I so badly want to cherish in every way and hold close to my heart. It feels so weird being home right now, but I am committed to not wasting one second of it while I still have the energy to move around and get things done. And I promise to savor every positive experience, remember it, log it, detail it out somewhere so I’ll have these little moments to look back on.

I know I haven’t been the best blogger / logger / journaler (#distractions) but definitely going to make an effort to improve so I can bend time to my advantage and extend these little life experiences as much as I possibly can.

Today’s Mom docket:

  • Couple house chores
  • Took the dog to this beautiful dog park where the sun perfectly kissed each blade of grass (and my sweet pup wandered aimlessly wondering why the hell he deserved such a treat on a Monday)
  • Lunch by the water with a friend of mine who’s celebrating her first day of Maternity Leave as well
  • Returns at Buy Buy Baby + Grocery Store
  • A little afternoon waterside action for the pup before the hubs comes home
  • Yummy baked potato bar for dinner & prepping my birth plan this evening

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