10 Reasons I LOVE Being Pregnant

Pregnancy Status: 38 weeks, 3 days
Currently: Nesting, installing shelves, and taking a break while the AC guy examines our house (#SummerisComing)

Well, it’s official. Our babe is officially the last babe on board. I have had 4 friends who were all pregnant with me, with our babies due within just weeks of each other (if not on the same day). Every single baby is here – including the one my due date twin! – and our little one is officially the last to join the baby bonanza.

In these last few days, hours, minutes, I am starting to feel anxious. Anticipating the inevitable. Eager to meet our baby girl. (Still trying to dial in on her NAME!) But ultimately, we are incredibly excited and counting down each day patiently until we meet our little one.

I’ve seen a few posts out there as to why women love being pregnant and I’ve heard from quite a few people how much they miss being pregnant (or hated it, either way). I figured I may as well make a list of all the things I’ve loved about my pregnancy, especially seeing as I could pop any day now!

  1. An excuse to eat WHATEVER I want. (What’s that “#soccermom drive thru to snag a quick soda fountain beverage from Jack in the Box at 12 in the afternoon”? Hey, I’m pregnant and on maternity leave! YOLO.)
  2. An excuse to watch mindless tv and relax my body when I’m feeling sore. OR when I just don’t want to do anything else. 😉
  3. The ability to be part of the fabric that constitutes our very existence. To carry, create and experience human life on a totally different level that is completely indescribable. I am honored, grateful, humbled that I am a woman and part of this incredible experience.
  4. Little baby kicks and jabs. She is moving around in there! It’s incredible.
  5. Experiencing the love and support that your friends and family bring. The shower, the questions, the genuine care and kindness by so many of those around me has exceeded anything and everything that I thought was possible.
  6. The kindness and care of the physicians who have supported me throughout my journey.
  7. The growing dynamic and strength of my marriage, we see a different side of each other. One that is more compassionate, loving, supportive. I feel like we’re stronger now than we have ever been.
  8. The consciousness that comes with being mindful every time you take a bite of something or take down a green smoothie. Mindfulness has been a wonderful component to my pregnancy.
  9. All of the freaking ridiculously cool apps (technology, you DA BOMB) that allow me to connect with other women across the world who are going through their own experiences. There is nothing cooler than waking up every Wednesday and watching my favorite videos on Ovia and the What to Expect app.
  10. Lastly… knowing our bodies can do this. That we are strong, powerful, incredible, women who literally give up everything to nurture a tiny little human and help them grow into someone who is compassionate, kind, loving and full of joy. I know this is only the first part of this miraculous chapter into motherhood, but I can’t help but recognize how lucky I am to have had the pregnancy I have had to date – despite the few roadblocks along the way. I know without hesitation that I will be a better mother, wife, and human because of the last 9 months and cannot wait to meet our precious girl.



Here are a few special moments throughout the past 9 months…


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