Thank You, 33

Today is my birthday. December, 3, 1982. I woke up this morning at the usual time, 5:30am sifted through social media questioning with every thumb tap why I was up at 5:30am on my birthday sifting through social media. I started thinking about this past year and realized that I have so incredibly much to be grateful for. 33 was truly one of the best years of my life.

I married my best friend. I had the wonderful and awe-inspiring joy of going through the entire experience of a wedding, a celebration of love at the most quintessential understanding of the term. My dad and I choreographed¬†a surprise flash mob dance for our father daughter, my mom and sister surprised me with an acapella version of the Beatles, “All You Need is Love” right after our ceremony, my sisters surprised me with an absolutely hilarious rendition of Rent’s “La Vie Boheme” for their wedding speech – one mind you that fully roasted me and potentially shocked/offended half the wedding, my brother and my cousins and amazing squad of 12 count them TWELVE besties and loved ones were by my side, one of my very dear friends volunteered her passion, time and energy to beautify the event with florals and hanging sheer fabric ceremony frame from a large oak tree, my oldest sister was my officiant and the thought of her reciting that ceremony still brings tears to my eyes… and I have never felt more connected and loved in every single beautiful person I know in my whole life.

And then yesterday on December 2, one day before my 34th birthday, we saw the heartbeat for the very first time at our first sonogram appointment. This beautiful little ball of vibrant light pulsing in the shadows as the baby’s arms and legs moved – or as I like to call it ‘shimmied’ because we could see each other for the first time. There are no words to describe that magic in that feeling. It wasn’t just joy or shock or beautify – it was something only the tears rolling down my face could describe. I feel so blessed to be part of this little miracle,¬†this tiny little life that is making it’s way into our lives in a big way.

So with that, yeah, it’s been a pretty incredible year. Thank you 33 for being the best thing that’s ever happened to me.