Chai (Sigh) Tea Lattes


What I wouldn’t GIVE for a Chai Tea Latte. Or a coffee. Heck, make it organic, herbal, water-pressed… the point is if I could drink those sweet little droplets of freshly roasted, seasoned, cinnamony, holiday flavored drinks, oh… how happy my heart would be. In fact, my desperate searching online this morning to find such a thing that would pass the many tests of pregnancy, is how I was inspired to start this blog.

Background: Lately, my internal wake-up time has been around oh — I don’t know. 5 am. Maybe 5:30 if we’re lucky. Usually due to insane pressure on my very sensitive bladder (we’ll get into this later) because, from what I’m reading, my uterus is growing tremendously making rooms for the little tiny raspberry that’s slowly growing inside me. I usually have problems going to back to sleep, so that’s where my Chai Tea Latte search began: this morning at 6:10am.

WHERE in San Diego, can I please find an herbal chai tea latte? Well, outside of there being quite a few places that actually make herbal chai teas like Starbucks Coffee and Peets, but here’s the reality check: unfortunately (and painstakingly enough) almost all chai tea (herbal & regular) is made with a seasoning called Star Anise – a seasoning mind you, that I love very much. Although there are mixed studies around the ‘harmfulness’ and ‘harmlessness’ of Star Anise, it boils down to this –┬áit could cause issues, especially in the first trimester and most of the blogs I’ve been reading recommend staying away from it if possible given the fact that there is not sufficient data one way or the other to conclude if it’s safe or dangerous to the fetus. In the words of my older sister… why risk it?

So while I’m staying away from it (tear), I’m officially on the hunt for something holiday and cinnamony and seasony┬áin San Diego that I can drink to get in the dang holiday spirit. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on where I net out.